The Action Photographer

Welcome to the web site for The Action Photographer!

This is the internet home of
Ian Abrahams
The Action Photographer
Since our very first web site in 1998 we have tried several different ways of displaying photographs. We even tried a searchable database with an on-line ordering facility.
It didn't work and took up too much time to keep up todate. 
Either I had to put up my prices or limit the time spent on the computer.
The prices stayed the same as they have been for years.
This latest reincarnation of SpeedwayNZ (although we have dropped that identity) will revert back to the original style but without the written reviews (or the background music).
We will put up the occasional photo gallery but sales will have to be made through e-mailed requests.
We have four websites.
Two for a new business venture which will go live late March.
This one has small galleries of low resolution pics for viewing. which is currently inactive as it has been hijacked.
I am currently updating the lists of photographs taken for the Photo Gallery page.
A small selection of the latest photos will be able to be viewed in Picture Gallery on this site by using the navigation buttons above.


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